The Balanced Business Forum
“Driving perfomance through better balanced business”

Effective performance of leaders, regardless of gender is paramount to organisational success...

Talent management is one of the key enablers to delivering sustainable business.....

This is not a diversity or HR event but a leadership conference on effective performance driven via talent management

The effective leadership and organisational performance event of the year 12th & 13th October 2015

This is a must attend event for any leader who needs to know more about the subject and delivery of effective performance driven through talent management solutions.


1 Unique Audience

1 Global Forum - 16 International Speakers - 1 Gala Dinner

“The Conference was absolutely WORLD CLASS. I can count on the fingers of one hand full day conferences that have managed to grip the audience’s attention throughout, which this one did... and what’s more, it did that despite a pretty expert audience on the topic!”

Driving performance through better balanced business

The best performing companies have the best performing teams and attract, retain and develop the best talent regardless of gender. Talent management is one of the key enablers to delivering a sustainable business. The Balanced Business Forum (formerly known as The Women’s Business Forum) is the Worlds first gender balanced leadership conference. We challenge, debate and deliver effective leadership and organisational performance via the delivery of progressive and sustainable talent management solutions.

Highlights of The Women’s Business Forum 2014

The Forum is a true leadership conference, which challenges thinking and brings together a gender balanced and diverse mix of leadership talent. Last year’s event saw 166 global organisations and some 600 female and male leaders from all sectors of industry in attendance. This event not only delivers thought provoking, visionary, cutting edge leadership discussion but also delivers it to an audience that is truly representative of current and future leadership.

    • “I was absolutely blown away by the exceptional men and women that spoke and the key questions that they asked.” Freya Stone, Head of HR, Entertainment One UK
    • “The speakers were inspirational and some key messages and learnings to really make a difference.”  Damian Kitson, Senior Manager Logistics, Asda
    • “The best business event I have attended this year. It was 5 star excellent from start to finish. I really enjoyed the content, people I met, venue – all of it.” Claire Young, Inspiring Through Business
    • “Takeaways from today's excellent speakers make the clear case that Gender Balance is about diversity of leadership style and mind-set which result in better decision making and better business performance.” Elisabeth Teo-Pennell, Managing Director, Marketing & Investor Relations, Europe, Pramerica Real Estate Investors
    • “Some really thought provoking presentations, and lots of takeaways, from confirmation that we are doing some things right in BP, through to food for thought on what we can do better, through to some personal reflection.”Carolyn Rawlings, CFO, IT&S, BP
    • “The thing which impressed me the most was the big focus on leadership and diversity as a root to better performing companies” Susan Allen, CEO Customer Solutions Group, RBS

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